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“The choice between the blue or the red pill is not really a choice between illusion and reality. 

Of course The Matrix is a machine for fictions, but these are fictions which already structure our reality. 

If you take away from our reality the symbolic fictions that regulate it, you lose reality itself. (…)

I want a third pill. So what is the third pill? ” - Slavoj Žižek

A vertiginous relation between reality and illusion brings us to a third way to connect 

multiple dots through the perception and enlights the magic 

of a new media art and its genuine expressions.

Searching an unknown field, Thirdpsilon shares a loyal multidisciplinary experience, 

converging distinct environments into video art installations, mapping, virtual reality, 

hologram, digital sculptures, big size prints on canvas even in fine art papers, 

taking over all the venue and each one's personal point of view.

The Concept


Along with the exhibition, a line up program add some more dynamic to the vernissage.


During the evening, the artists guests will take place with a series of interactions such as an only vinyl warm up, an instrumental band performance, an open air cinema screening, experimental electronic music live act jams and at the end an open format dj set.


Bruno Bez, in his first solo exhibition, induces a dialogue between geometric patterns, including from organic compositions to synthetic aesthetics in a wide spectrum.

His visual art in some ways activates optical senses sharing a new perspective to understand the lack of meaning of a rich abstract universe.


With own techniques developed since early-age as an inquiring self-taught person, Bez instigates an immersive atmosphere and translates an altered state of mind.

Bringing a singular touch inside his experimental pieces, his art makes people wonder about what kind of breath this abstract dimension needs to live.