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O Pior de Mim - Elisabeth Anderle

O Pior de Mim (The Worst of Me) is a dance performance by the artist Monica Siedler. It takes place in unconventional spaces and/or with the partnership of guest artists invited to interfere in the performance through music, audiovisual, set design, costume, etc.

It is thus configured as a performance that follows a script but that is modified each time it is presented. In the conception of the project, The worst of me has worked as a theory/practical device of reflection about what could be the worse of the performer in relationship to her body and the environment. This question has lead to a form in transit which refers to the movement as well as the artistic discipline.

Monica moves between the language of dance, theater and audiovisual investing in this place “between” as a condition of a existence that reflects about frontiers (culture, indentity, authorship, assurance). That is why she flirts with the possibility of failure, frustration and loss of meaning.

The Worst of Me provides a corporeality construction in transit and crisis of a presence unable to end the gesture and it follows a direction so the performer ́s presence on the scene lives in a conflict zone and on an impass between a body devir and a legible social body. By residing in “non-places” or in differents places the performance itself does not exist as a closed structure.

Each performance is planned according to where it will take place. It will work whit the possibilities and limits that the place offers. Ultimately The worst of me is a reflection about limits, the impossibility of being, the acceptance of a state of ruin, the eternal construction and about self reflection.


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