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2Manik' - Generative Visuals

2Manik' as a immersive dive into a parallel contact, a collaborative experience by two visual artists, Bruno Bez and Kaue Costa. In order to stimulate connections looking another way to merge generative environments and realtime performance by own custom visual platform.


Realtime generative visuals project

This experience show us since a born and grow up of interactive boids system, talking to themselves a kind of unconscious sync, until kind adaption with a massive spread brush.

They go through the abstraction inside of your mind and the optic sense on continuous metamorphose arrangement.

This aesthetic result come from experiments which makes 2Manik' alive, a short pill bringing the beat dynamic, push the sync to your brain flow to catch it.

As a hypnotic process this journey flick yourself, in another hand, present prints inside your retina talking with your imagination.


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