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VJ Set characterized by a synesthesia to stimulate the public imagination in a visual experience. Strong sync and balance of colors, bringing a extreme careful with his compositions, building smooth expressions from nothing up to the sweaty smoky time, enjoying each moment, delivering a sensory journey in a real passion for show this kind of breathtaking.

Improving his skills after more than 10 years working as VJ, his visuals have been screening since crowded festivals until classic underground spots well knowed into the electronic music culture. Bez also has produced experimental visuals for electronic music partners and others collaborative projects. 

The red line through his real time performances is a dynamic storytelling following each aesthetic track by track, rarely his sets are shorter than 4 hours and most often longer, that being preferable when working on an opening act.




Psychonautic Live Cinema, reveals a contemplative journey into a world of digital harmony and a hybrid reality. Visuals created from mathematical algorithms based on golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, soundtrack with frequencies as hemi-sync and scientific basis to influence brain wave activity.


With visual support from Ben Ridgway, Martin Stebbing, Ian Clemmer and Jean-Baptiste di Marco, soundtrack by B. Ashra, recorded in honor of Dr. Albert Hofmann in Hans Ruedi Giger museum in Switzerland, Jay Haze and Live Percussion with Márcio Bicaco of Florianópolis Orchestra in a collaborative experience.


The convergence of facts and the creative brain flow are the pieces to take the viewer to an abstraction searching some purity and freedom of meaning. Breaking basics by different contemporary directions and dynamic perspective of image processing in a sensory experiment.



2Manik' is a immersive dive into a parallel contact, a collaborative experience by two visual artists, Bruno Bez and Kaue Costa.


In order to stimulate connections looking another way to merge generative environments and realtime performance by own custom visual platform.


This experience show us since a born and grow up of interactive boids system, talking to themselves a kind of unconscious sync, until the adaption with a massive spread brush.